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About us

For almost 100 years, we have been offering our products to beer producers, including large international breweries as well as local and craft brewers. Many years of experience, attention to the quality of our products and investments in modern technologies and manufacturing systems make us one of the leading malting companies in Poland. We produce malt of stable high quality, in accordance with the requirements of industry standards and the expectations of our customers. The well-established manufacturing tradition, professional knowledge, skills and commitment of our employees and the highest level of quality in the production process guarantee that our malts will meet the needs of the most demanding domestic and foreign clients.

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To fulfil the expectations of our customers, we use malting barley that meets the relevant quality requirements. We extensively examine grain parameters in each delivery and throughout the entire technological process. We use technological solutions in line with the latest global trends. All production data is analysed by our technologists on an ongoing basis. The automatic air-conditioning, spraying and ventilation systems of Saladin boxes provide ideal conditions for the grain germination process to run properly. The kilning is fully automated. A high degree of production automation guarantees both the repeatability of results and the high quality of the finished product.

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In the 19th century, the area where our malt house is located belonged to the village of Główna. In 1880, at what was then Piaskowa Street (now Sucha Street), a brickyard of the Jarecki brothers was established. Its activity was interrupted in the 1920s when the excavation and the equipment left there were flooded by underground waters. The property was purchased by the joint-stock company Poznańskie Zakłady Chemiczne Kazimierz Chmielewski Towarzystwo Akcyjne (chemical works), which launched the production of washing powder.

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Przedsiębiorca uzyskał pomoc w ramach programu rządowego pod nazwą:
„Pomoc dla sektorów energochłonnych związana z nagłymi wzrostami cen gazu ziemnego i energii elektrycznej w 2022 r.”