OPTIMA Caramel Light 100-150 Malt

A light-coloured (EBC 100 to 150) caramel malt, made from green malt subjected to saccharification and caramelisation. Thanks to a special roasting process, the malt brings the taste and aroma of roasted grains, cookies, caramel and lightly toasted sugar to the beer, enriching light beers with deep orange reflections.

A small (up to 5 percent) addition enhances the mild maltiness in light beers, where the key is the balance between maltiness and hop aroma (as is the case with most lagers). It develops pleasant roasted and toasted notes in thick dark beers, where it can constitute up to 20 percent of the grist. In larger amounts, it can dominate the character and profile of the beer.

Aroma: roasted rice, cereal, slightly burnt bottom of the cake, slightly burnt caramel.