OPTIMA Munich Light Malt

Munich light malt has a deep malty flavour and aroma, full of melanoidin notes. Kilned at 110-120 degrees Celsius, it gives the beer a dark golden colour (EBC 10 to 20). Munich malt has a lower enzymatic activity than other base malts, but it still can be used for up to 100 percent of the grist.

Historically, it is a grist of full-bodied dark lagers characteristic of the Munich region. It is the taste and aroma of Munich malt that brewers and beer judges mean when they mention the distinct maltiness. If you plan a high proportion of special malts or unmalted raw materials in the grist, it is worth modifying the mashing process accordingly. Munich malt can make up to 100 percent of the grist.

Aroma: biscuity, cereal, sweet, roasted, bread crust.