OPTIMA Pale Ale Malt

Pale ale malt is a popular base malt, slightly darker than pilsner malt (EBC 5.5 to 7.5). It has a smooth malty flavour complemented by malty and biscuity notes. In some countries, e.g. in the Czech Republic, it is equated with Vienna malt. Pale ale malt, however, contains less dimethyl sulfide (DMS) precursors, which may be required for brewhouses that do not boil the wort.

Traditionally, pale ale malt is the base for lager top-fermented beers, in particular historical Belgian and English styles. It is slightly different in taste from Pilsner malt, but the difference is unnoticeable for most consumers. Its diastatic power is sufficient to break down a large amount of unmalted raw materials. It can make up to 100 percent of the grist.

Aroma: cereal, roasted grains, slightly cellary, biscuity.