OPTIMA Pilsner Malt

Pilsner malt is a very light-coloured (EBC 3 to 5), gently-kilned base malt with a pure, mild, slightly grainy, cereal and nutty aroma. It contains a high level of proteolytic enzymes, breaking down proteins, and amylase (over 240 Windisch-Kolbach units), responsible for the breakdown of complex sugars.

Pilsner malt can be a base for practically all styles of beer: pale lagers in which delicate maltiness only balances clear hops, new-wave, heavily hopped IPA beers, as well as strong malt beers in which a rich malt profile is built by other specialty malts. Due to its high diastatic power, it can be combined with unmalted raw materials. It can make up to 100 percent of the grist.

Aroma: cereal, with a strong starch-chemical accent, emulsive, husky, cellary.